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A Place To Stay is your modern, fully-furnished home-away-from-home. Central heating, multiple bathrooms, modern renovations, off-street parking, laundry facilities, close to supermarkets. Cook for yourself or choose from nearby restaurants. Self-contained, central accommodation for contractors.

We offer the following;

  • Furnished lease in Ballarat
  • Furnished house for lease in Ballarat
  • Self-contained accommodation in Ballarat
  • Self-contained house in Ballarat
  • Long stay self-contained house in Ballarat
  • Furnished rental in Ballarat

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  • Comfortable home-like interior
  • Central heating, AC
  • Modern, well-equipped kitchen
  • Parking
  • Multiple bathrooms
  • Close to supermarkets
  • Servicing
  • Internet/ Wi-Fi

Please Contact us for further details.